Mozzarella di Bufala

Buffalo mozzarella is richer and tastier than mozzarella from cow milk.

Here in Sicily, buffalo mozzarella is a staple. We use it on salads, pizzas, sandwiches (panini), in pasta, you name it. It’s tastier than mozzarella made from cows, because (according to Wikipedia) “The digestive system of water buffaloes permits them to turn low grade vegetation into rich milk which, due to its higher percentage of solids, provides higher levels of protein, fat and minerals than cow milk.” Apparently the richness of buffalo milk is also more suitable for processing than cow’s milk because — “To produce 1 kg of cheese, a cheese maker requires 8 kg of cow milk but only 5 kg of buffalo milk. Producing 1 kg of butter requires 14 kg of cow milk but only 10 kg of buffalo milk.” I can personally attest to the superiority of the buffalo mozzarella as during a trip last Fall to Rome, I returned a salad which just didn’t taste as I was accustomed to – the cheese just wasn’t right. When I asked the waiter about it and explained that the cheese didn’t taste that good, he realized I must be used to the mozzarella di bufala. Sure enough, when he brought out a new salad with the bufala cheese it was exactly the way I liked it. One of the products Mamamiafoods is going to begin shipping around the world is authentic Italian mozzarella di bufala, so be on the lookout at your grocer or specialty stores.


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