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Crusading for Better Olive Oil Standards

Here’s a fine little article from The Washing Post’s Lifestyle section about the crusade to improve olive oil categorizing. As major olive oil producers, we at Mamamiafoods can attest to how frustrating it is that garbage oils are being labeled as high quality oils and that consumers don’t know they’re being bamboozled. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the variety of acclaimed health benefits of olive oil, and there are SO MANY, are predicated on the substance actually being high quality olive oil and not some blend of oils or some cheap, over-exposed oils or whatnot.

Anywhere, here is an excerpt of the story. The story itself is just two pages and worth reading:

It has been about 30 years since many Americans began giving up their lard and Crisco for more-healthful extra-virgin oil. But that extra-virgin label has proved a poor guide to choosing the highest-quality oils. According to a recent study by the UC Davis Olive Center, 73 percent of the top five brands of imported extra-virgin olive oil failed to meet accepted international standards for extra-virgin. Moreover, a separate report revealed that 44 percent of consumers actually preferred rancid or fusty oil, a possible result of the prevalence of substandard extra-virgins available to American consumers.

Our high-quality olive oils meet or exceed THE HIGHEST testing standards and we have all the certifications to prove it.