About Us

Olive Oil World is produced by Mamamiafoods based in Sicily. We produce, distribute, and sell Olive Oil, other edible oils, pastas, wines, and a variety of other Italian food products.

All of our olives are hand-picked from our groves some of which are more than 800-years-old. We use only organic fertilizers and pesticides, never chemicals, on these groves. All of our containers are properly ventilated and adhere to the highest quality standards for transportation from the olive groves to the processing facilities. All of our olives are processed within 48 hours of cultivation and under no circumstances will we process any olives beyond this time frame. We only use the scientifically proven superior method of oil extraction: the old cold stone press. This means a much longer shelf life for all of our products, often upwards of two years. All of our olive oils meet these highest of standards and are certified DOP (Protected Origin Denomination) which is a symbol of guaranteed quality, ratified by the European Union, to indicate a product born into a specific geographical area with its typical climatic and natural features, in conformity with detailed and fixed natural and human rules.

Ancient Tree

One of our oldest trees, this one has been dated back to 13th Century.

This blog will primarily focus on all aspects of the Olive Oil Industry, from history, cultivation, pressing, production, labeling, and global markets to health benefits, recipes, regulation, and fraud… we know our business. We’ll also discuss other authentic Italian food products, aspects of Italian (and especially Sicilian) culture, and we’ll post recipes native to this area. And, of course, if there’s any aspect of olive oil which you’d like to know more about from experts in the industry, please feel free to ask us anything — from fertilization techniques to the chemical properties of olive oil — anything at all, whatever it is, and we’ll endeavor to answer you promptly. We hope you find this blog helpful.